July 23rd is Maddie Smith Day in Trophy Club!

Posted by Alora Wachholz on Jul 22, 2014
Tags: Community, Town News, Events

Join your friends and neighbors on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 in a community-wide show of support for Maddie Smith Day in Trophy Club! This special day is not only about recognizing Trophy Club’s very own Madeline Avery Smith (Maddie), one of the strongest and most amazing 11 year olds North Texas has ever seen, but also about taking time to enjoy life and share positivity with those around you.

Throughout her life, Maddie has faced many health issues brought on as a result of her struggle with Methylmalonic Acidemia, a rare genetic metabolic disorder that will require she undergo a kidney and liver double transplant. Putting these issues aside, Maddie and her family have made it their mission to remain upbeat, positive, and graciously appreciate all the good that they have in their lives. In the spirit of encouraging joyousness throughout the community and to show our love and support for Maddie, the Town Council has proclaimed July 23, 2014 as Maddie Smith Day!

Maddie’s beaming smile and the Smith family’s resolve to spread joy and awareness is a lesson that each of us can learn from. So spend your Maddie Smith Day with a positive and uplifting attitude, sharing love and happiness with those around you, and let Maddie know that her beautiful, tenacious spirit has deeply impacted the Trophy Club community!

Methylmalonic Acidemia is a disease that affects only 1 in every 100,000 individuals and is characterized by the body struggling to adequately break down protein. Individuals with this illness are often at risk of additional health complications and require a very strict dietary plan. For more information on Maddie and her experience with Methylmalonic Acidemia, or to donate to the Madeline Avery Foundation, go to


For more information on how you can become an organ donor, visit www.DonateLifeTexas.org.