Animal Reminders - Pets and Wildlife in Trophy Club

Posted by Alora Wachholz on Jul 09, 2014
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Trophy Club is known for being a great place to call home, and not just for people, but for animals, too! The Town is pet friendly and understands that oftentimes pets ARE family. In addition to household pets, residents also enjoy other wildlife in their backyards — from beautiful birds and reptiles to raccoons and even beavers. Pet laws in Trophy Club exist to protect the animals and ensure that the community remains safe and well maintained.

Registration of Domestic Animals

Only dogs, cats, ferrets, and pot bellied pigs are allowed to be kept as pets. All domestic animals are required to be registered with the Town and owners are required to maintain their pets rabies vaccinations. The Town-issued registration tag is required to be worn on the animal’s collar at all times when in public. Any dog that is at large may be transported to the shelter and owners will be issued a fine of up to $154.00. Any animal that comes into the shelter becomes the property of the Town after 72 hours and may be transported to an animal control specialist, a shelter or adopted. Making sure your pet wears its collar and registration tag at all times will increase the chance that it will be returned to you in a timely and safe manner.

Registration form

The pet registration form and fee can be turned in to the police department administration office located at the end of the Trophy Club Municipal Complex (100 Municipal, Drive).

Leash Laws

Dogs are required to be kept on leash at all times when outside of a fenced yard or when running freely inside Freedom Dog Park. Leashes are required for domestic animals walking on trails and in the parking lot of Freedom Dog Park. Pet owners should be in control of the pet on a leash at all times in an effort to protect the safety of other individuals in the area, as well as to protect the animal from injury. Animal owners caught with unleashed pets in public may face a fine of up to $154.00.

Picking up Animal Waste

Animal owners are required to pick up their pet’s waste when in public parks, on public trails, sidewalks, other residents’ yards, or other public spaces. Whether or not bags are provided for owners, it is their responsibility to carry waste disposal bags with them and then place the used bag into an appropriate trash receptacle.

Reporting Lost or Found Domestic Animals

If you have found a dog or cat that you believe to be a lost pet, please contact the Town’s Animal Control Officer Kelly Akin at (682) 831-4621.


Co-existing with the multitude of wildlife that Trophy Club is fortunate to enjoy can be challenging at times. Please remember to never touch wild animals. Residents can lower the chance of coming into contact with wildlife by keeping water and pet food indoors, never in outside containers, making sure that trash receptacles are tightly closed, and never allowing small pets to roam freely outdoors without supervision. If you see a wild animal never approach them; Clap your hands and make loud noises to safely frighten them away.

Please refrain from feeding birdseed, bread, popcorn or anything else to waterfowl. There are several reasons why feeding waterfowl is harmful.  If you have any questions, please contact the Trophy Club Animal Services Department at 682-831-4659.

Should you encounter any sick or injured animals/wildlife, call Police dispatch at 972-434-5500.

Animal Traps

Trophy Club residents may rent Town-owned traps for the humane capture of nuisance animals on their property by coming to the Police Department and filling out the appropriate paperwork. Traps will be rented for fourteen days or less for a $50.00 trap rental deposit which will be returned after the trap is brought back.

If you have trapped an animal in a Town-owned trap, the following procedures will take place: Domesticated animals will be brought back to the Police Department and placed in a kennel, and non-domesticated animals such as raccoons, foxes, bobcats, opossums, and armadillos will be taken to a non-residential area such as Trophy Club Park and released.

Skunks have to be euthanized and can not be released back into the wild. Town employees are prohibited from handling trapped skunks because of possible contamination. There is no charge assessed to residents for this service, provided that the animal is trapped in a Town-owned trap.

Animals trapped in privately owned traps are the responsibility of the resident. If the animal is a non-domestic animal, residents will be advised where they can safely release the animal. Domestic animals may be brought to the shelter. If the trapped animal is a skunk, the resident shall be given the number of the euthanasia specialist. There is a fee associated with this service that is paid directly to the specialist.