ONCOR Scheduled to Replace Transmission Lines, Towers Along SH 114

Posted by April Reiling on Jun 26, 2014
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Update (July 11, 2014) --- In the next week or two Oncor will begin the transmission line project in Trophy Club, starting with clearing the easement under the existing lines. The tree trimming crew will come through and remove anything within 30 feet from the center of the easement in order for crews to work safely with large equipment. After the trees are cleared/trimmed, Oncor will dig 30-foot-deep holes for the piers, which are reinforced with rebar before pouring the pier. Once the piers are poured then the poles can be set and the process of pulling the new transmission lines through will begin. Each tower will hold six transmission lines, along with a static line that helps protect the towers from lightning.

According to Oncor officials, the original transmission lines were installed in the 1950’s and upgraded in the late 1980’s.

The transmission line upgrade project is currently underway in Grapevine, and below are pictures from those projects:



Along State Highway 114 (SH 114) at the Trophy Club town limits stand several wooden stakes with pink ribbons tied at the top. These stakes mark the areas where Oncor will replace the electric transmission lines and towers with taller towers and new lines. The new towers will carry higher voltage lines and a second circuit (currently carrying one circuit), providing more electricity voltage to the growing area.

The project is expected to begin sometime in July and will require the removal of several trees. When appropriate, Oncor will “top” the trees instead of removal. The trees are located in Oncor right of way and adjacent property owners will be notified of the tree removal. Tree clearing is scheduled to begin around July-August.

The cost for Oncor to replace the towers and transmission lines is approximately $2 million. To bury the lines would cost approximately $40 million, resulting in a $38 million price tag for the Town, and ultimately Trophy Club tax payers. The high cost and complexities involved with burying high voltage cable make this option undesirable.

Trophy Club Officials and Staff will work with Oncor through the duration of this project to ensure that the community’s safety and welfare are priority.

For questions or more information about Oncor transmission, email a member of the Oncor team at: transmissionprojects@oncor.com

Oncor News Release

High Voltage Line Upgrade to Increase Reliability

Trophy Club facilities upgrade slated to begin in July

DALLAS (June 26, 2014) – An important transmission project is set to begin in July that will ensure continued electric reliability to the homes and businesses in the Town of Trophy Club and communities far beyond. The project impacts the high voltage lines that run along State Highway 114 from the areas of Roanoke to the intersection of T W King Road and Plaza Drive in the Town of Trophy Club continuing into Southlake, Grapevine and Coppell.

The project was identified by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and Oncor as part of a five year transmission plan process to increase the reliability of the electric grid and the service we provide to citizens of Trophy Club and more than 10 million Texans across the state. Work is slated to begin in July and take place during various periods through December. Oncor will be replacing approximately 31 existing structures and installing larger wire to increase the load capacity of this line. 

To ensure the safety of Oncor employees, residents and motorists alike, minimum traffic control will be needed at various times along State Highway 114. Areas below and adjacent to this high power line will require tree and vegetation removal prior to the project implementation to ensure proper access to electric facilities while also reducing their impact on outages.

“This project is vital to those that live and work in this community,” said Oncor Area Manager Don Perfect. “As the Town of Trophy Club continues to grow in size and scope, Oncor will be here to make sure that customers continue to receive reliable electric delivery.”   

We appreciate the ability to provide safe, reliable service in the same communities where our employees live and work, and we also look forward to working hand-in-hand with Town of Trophy Club residents and leadership as this project moves forward.