Telephone Scam Alert

Posted by Alora Wachholz on May 08, 2014
Tags: Community, TCPD, Town News

The Trophy Club Police Department has received a report by a resident of a telephone scam that was recently attempted on him. The resident advised he received a phone message from a female identifying herself as Myers and that he had won $100,000. Myers continued by telling him to call her back to receive the cash. The number provided was from a 916 area code. The resident called back and spoke with Myers who advised him to go to any convenience store and purchase a $500 authorization card. Once done, she would transfer the money to that card. The resident did not purchase the card and told Myers he would not be fooled by the scam.

TCPD would like to remind everyone to be aware of this and other scams. If you receive any calls of this nature and the person on the other end requires you to spend money to get money, it is a scam. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.