Trophy Club Stars and Stripes

Posted by Alora Wachholz on May 07, 2014
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TC Exchange article contributed by Jeannette Tiffany

July 4, 2012 and July 4, 2013 are memory making celebrations for the Town of Trophy Club: the parade, the events around the pool, the evening events with the spectacular fire-works, and the Stars and Stripes flying throughout the town. In the Town of Trophy Club from dawn until sunset on July 4th walkers, runners, bikers, residents, and visitors see and feel the spirit of Trophy Club … growing from 10,000 flags to 25,000 plus … flags waving along the streets of Trophy Club. It is a patriotic sight making one proud and thankful for sacrifices made by men and women around the world to protect America’s freedoms.
We are approaching the third year to “fly flags” in Trophy Club. It is the Trophy Club Volunteers and residents who make this celebration successful.

  • Route Captains whose teams “plant” the flags 12 feet apart on the main streets of Trophy Club: Trophy Club Woods, Trophy Club Drive, Trophy Club Lakes, Indian Creek, Bobcat and Park View. Route Captains are assigned a section of the main roads to “plant” 300-400 flags. Local sponsors contribute money to purchase the flags for the main streets.
  • Neighborhood Captains organize their neighborhoods by collecting money from neighbors for the flags and organizing a team to “plant” the flags within the neighborhood.
  • Flag teams consist of parents, children, youth, grandparents, boy scouts and Trophy Club fireman. On Wednesday, July 2nd, watch for over 250 volunteers loading up wagons, bicycles, golf carts and backpacks with American flags and placing them throughout town. The flags will “fly” on the streets of Trophy Club beginning the evening of July 2 through the morning of July 5.

The goal of Trophy Club Stars and Stripes is to “paint” the entire Town of Trophy Club with “red white and blue”. We are asking for more volunteers to assume the role of a Route Captain and a Neighborhood Captain. If you and/or your neighbors want to be a part of this great new tradition please contact us by May 15th. We will help you order the correct number of flags for your neighborhood and provide guidelines to plant, harvest, and store the flags. The flags cost 40 cents/flag including shipping and taxes.

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