2013 Citizen of the Year Nominees & Recipients

Posted by April Reiling on May 06, 2014
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On Monday, May 5 the Town Council, along with a packed audience, honored the 2013 Citizen of the Year (COY) nominees and recipients by recognizing the various community service projects and hard work each nominee provided to the community. The Trophy Club COY Committee (made up of past recipients) reviews all nominations and selects an Adult and Youth recipient based on the individuals contributions to the community.

The following excerpts were pulled from Mayor Connie White's speech:

Youth - Recipient

McKenzie Arata - This young lady is being recognized tonight because of her diversity in service. As a 6th grader at Medlin Middle School, she exceeds both in and out of the classroom. In the past year, this young lady has volunteered at Beck Elementary for their fundraising event, Beckopoly, where she gathered food pantry donations, recorded them, cleaned up afterwards and was instrumental in the event. She has volunteered as a group leader at Fellowship United Methodist Church during their Vacation Bible School and was there to set up and clean up throughout the camp. At Medlin, she volunteered time over her summer to assist teachers with preparing classrooms, checking lockers, setting out textbooks, and doing many tasks that were able to relieve the teachers and staff who were busy preparing for the school year to begin. She helped supervise the Summer Reading Program at the Roanoke Library, volunteered for the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church during their summer Vacation Bible School in many roles, one of which was helping the Preschool class of Religious Education, and at Studio A Dance, where she assists coaches with stretching and preparing kids for their tumbling classes. As if all of that isn’t enough, this young lady also has volunteered for the Trophy Club Women’s Club, where she helped with the arts and craft booth for children of soldiers that were being deployed. She has planted flags along Trophy Park Drive and decorated floats for the 4th of July Parade in town, sold maps for the semi-annual Community Garage Sale, and was a greeter during the past Christmas Tour of Homes.

Youth - Nominees

Samantha Ellis – Samantha is a 12 year old with a passion to serve. Not only is she an A+ student at Medlin Middle School, but she always jumps at the chance to volunteer and help others in need. Samantha came to Trophy Club two years ago and immediately began dedicating her free time to volunteering at snack bars during baseball and basketball games, preparing food packs for NISD students once a month, delivering Thanksgiving meals to families in need, working booths at the Trophy Club Pet Fest event, helping to make sleeping mats for the homeless, and even going on a yearly mission trip to a Navajo reservation to offer assistance to those in need. 

Madison Flores –Madison is another exceptional student at Medlin Middle School who picks up trash at Trophy Club Park, volunteers at the concession stand at Independence Park, and participates in various food and toy drives for families in need. At only 13 years old, this compassionate young lady is also thoughtful enough to offer her assistance to her teachers and peers, as well. She participates in Pony Camp, class orientations, and leads tours of the Medlin campus. The very insightful Madison wrote as part of her application essay: “I have been incredibly blessed by teachers, coaches, counselors, and staff members who work tirelessly… As a result, it is very important to me that I give of my time, effort, and resources in order to show my sincere gratitude.

Brandon Gindt – This young man is a 12th grader at Byron Nelson High School and a true leader. Having spent years assisting on the PTSA Executive Board as the Vice President and currently serving as the Senior Class President, Brandon takes his studentship at Byron Nelson very seriously. He held the position of Junior Vice President in charge of membership for the Board last spring, and was a vital asset to the Taste and Talent Committee as they arranged this fun annual event that the school and community enjoys greatly. When I say that Brandon is exceptional, I am talking about an individual who took his SATs the morning of Taste and Talent and then still headed back to take care of his duties for the event. Brandon was the Chair for the Patriotism Committee who handle the Veteran’s Day celebrations, helped plan the Homecoming events this past year, arranged a student athletics parade to honor his peers headed to State Championships, volunteered in neighborhood cleanup projects, and has shown himself to be a very inspiring young man that we are all very proud of. 

Jessica Hunter – Jessica, like several other nominees, has been nominated multiple times over the years and has a truly civic-minded heart. Receiving a Gold Presidential Service Award for the third year in a row, Jessica has performed more than 200 volunteer hours this past year, while maintaining an A average in her 8th grade classes. Twice in 2013 she received the honor of being the National Junior Honor Society Student of the Month for her hard work and dedication to serving her peers and her community. This young lady is very involved in her youth group at Fellowship United Methodist Church and volunteers at the J Ranch in Roanoke, teaching young children about horses and performing many of the difficult tasks that ranch work involves. Jessica serves her community with passion, excitement, and dedication and we are very grateful for all that she has done for Trophy Club. 

Cannon Jackson – This 4th grader serves as an inspiration to us all through his kindness, generosity, respectfulness, and genuine good heart. Not only is Cannon an exceptional athlete at both baseball and basketball, but he exudes teamwork, cooperation, and quiet leadership on the teams he plays for – and his coaches have nothing but good things to say about him. Cannon gives back to his community by helping his peers when they are in need, respecting his teachers, coaches, and other staff at Beck Elementary, and by setting the positive example for other students that true leaders are the humble, supportive heroes that encourage those around them to become better. Thank you for your kindness, Cannon. A community can never have enough of that.  

Brandon Michaelis – Brandon is a very special young man. At 13 years old and a 7th grader at Medlin Middle School, Brandon has already been recognized as an Eagle Scout by the Boy Scouts of America, has won a Presidential Gold Award for his volunteer service, is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, has maintained the requirements to be recognized as a Silver Star Student at Medlin, and volunteered his time to being on the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees. Brandon also is part of the Boy Scouts’ Order of the Arrow, which is a phenomenal program designed to teach the value of servant leadership. His Eagle Scout project last summer led him to work with some of our other exceptional adult community volunteers at Trophy Club park, where he assisted in erecting trail signs in order to guide hikers. Brandon is a model community volunteer and we thank him for his service to Trophy Club.

Lauren Wintermute – Unfortunately, Lauren couldn’t be here with us tonight to accept her certificate and hear our public recognition of her service. She had a prior commitment to perform in Medlin Middle School’s band concert tonight and, being the dedicated student she is, she kept to her obligation. But because this meeting is recorded and will be posted online, we are pleased to know that she and her family will be able to have access to this presentation. Lauren is an 8th grader at Medlin with a heart of gold. Her teachers describe her empathy for others, her infectious kindness, her genuine selfless manner, and her natural desire to volunteer to help others. Lauren is recognized as a Silver Star Student, maintaining an A average in her advanced classes and dedicating regular volunteer service hours to the community, She is entrusted as a Counselor’s Aide at school, makes bracelets for sick children, assists the North Texas Food Bank in feeding those in need, and helps to make mats for homeless people to sleep on. Lauren is also a very intelligent and thoughtful young lady who wrote, “I am a strong believer that community service… should be done, even if nobody notices what you did.” Thank you Lauren, for your kind and generous spirit and all that you give back.

Adult - Recipient

Dena Boudreau (could not attend - photo from 2013 July 4th Parade) -  Although this Town is blessed to have so many dedicated community servants, Dena was nominated also for her leadership, dedication to Trophy Club, and tireless friendliness. Serving as the Chairwoman to the Town’s Crime Control and Prevention District Board, she has worked many hours to create effective results while fostering, what another Board Member referred to as, “a work-filled, but also very enjoyable,” experience for all. This citizen has volunteered to make this community significantly better by serving on the Parks and Recreation Special Events Committee, and by being an active member of the Trophy Club Emergency Volunteers Association and the Northwest ISD Crimestoppers organization. She has also participated on the Stars and Stripes committee, helping to put together one of the most outstanding July 4th Patriotic celebrations that this community has ever seen. Her neighbors refer to her as, “a strong leader, loyal friend, a passionate resident, and a wonderful mother and wife.”