Warm Weather Brings String of Burglaries

Posted by Alora Wachholz on Apr 04, 2014
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCPD

The Trophy Club Police Department has responded to 23 burglaries and thefts since March 28, 2014. Out of those incidents, 18 were vehicle burglaries where the owners left their vehicles unlocked, one was the theft of a toolbox from the bed of a pickup, one was a theft of landscape lights from a residential yard, and three were forced entry burglaries in The Vineyards Apartments. TCPD believes the apartment burglaries were isolated incidents as well as the theft of the landscape lights. Most of these vehicle burglaries occurred at night while the victims slept. The vehicle burglaries were all burglaries of opportunity due to vehicle doors being left unlocked. Items taken in the vehicle burglaries ranged from loose change in the center console to computers and tablets. In one instance, the victim came home to get something, left his vehicle running unlocked in the driveway, retrieved his item and when he returned to his vehicle a couple of minutes later, someone had entered the vehicle and removed the victim’s laptop computer.

TCPD wants to remind everyone that burglaries and thefts can happen quickly. This is why everyone needs to remove all valuables from their vehicles and lock their doors, no matter how small of a time frame you will be away from your vehicle. If you would like more information on how to try and protect yourself from thefts and burglaries, either from your vehicles or homes, contact Community Services Officer Scott Voigt at 682-831-4651.