Brush Fire on Corps Property Behind The Highlands

Posted by April Reiling on Mar 14, 2014
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Update (10:45 a.m., Friday, March 14) --- The Town of Trophy Club has been fortunate to receive so much support from surrounding Fire Departments, specialized support services, law enforcement agencies, and other community partners throughout the duration of the brush fire incident that began on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

In the aftermath of an incident that could have been much worse, the Town and Trophy Club Fire Department would like to thank all of those groups and individuals who made a difference in the outcome of this event, and also recognize the overflow of gratitude and appreciation expressed throughout this week from the residents who call this community home. Total, 19 area Fire Departments assisted with efforts to combat the fire, three police departments, seven support service agencies, and numerous individuals and regional businesses stepped forward to help.

A warm thank you goes to the following:

Responding Fire Departments:
 Roanoke Fire Department
 Southlake Fire Department
 Westlake Fire Department
 Keller Fire Department
 Grapevine Fire Department
 Flower Mound Fire Department
 Justin Fire Department
 Haslet Fire Department
 Highland Village Fire Department
 Lake Cities Fire Department
 Little Elm Fire Department
 Blue Mound Fire Department
Argyle Fire Department
 Coppell Fire Department
 Lewisville Fire Department
 Eagle Mountain Fire Department
 Lake Worth Fire Department
 Double Oak Fire Department
 Dallas Fire Department
Community Support (Special Thanks):
 Trophy Club Emergency Services Volunteers
 Roanoke Fire Department CFA Volunteers
 Marathon Construction Company
 Reno Reds
 Trophy Club Country Club
 All of the citizens





Law Enforcement:
 Trophy Club Police
 Roanoke Police
 UNT Police










Support Services:
 Denton County Fire Marshal Office
 Denton County OEM
 Denton County Emergency Support (rehab)
 Texas Forest Service
 Department of Public Safety Helicopter
 Army Corps of Engineers
 Region Emergency Management









Update (9:45 a.m., Thursday, March 13) --- The brush fire was fully contained and extinguished at 9:48 p.m. last night. The fire burned an estimated 185 acres and some tree stumps continue to smoke, but are not a threat.

The Town is extremely grateful to everyone who assisted with efforts to combat the fire, from TC emergency personnel to emergency services volunteers to neighboring cities sending aid to state agencies helping along the way to local businesses for providing food/water and citizens stepping up and offering not only food and water, but also special expertise (one residents even managed to get a bulldozer to the scene in order to create a fire break). Thank you, thank you, thank you! Trophy Club elected officials, staff and residents cannot be more thankful to have so much support during an emergency of this nature, without which the outcome may have been very disastrous.

Update (2:20 p.m., Wednesday, March 12) --- The concern is now on the Flower Mound side of Denton Creek. Most additional resources have been reallocated to the north in order to assist with fire suppression. Emergency Management Officials believe that the fire on the TC side is under control, and presently TC homes are at no risk for fire. Crews and trucks remain on site to react and continue to suppress hot spots that may flare up. The wind and lack of humidity are not helping, but crews are managing under the circumstances.

Residents wishing to bring water and/or food to the emergency responders should drop off any deliveries at the Trophy Club Fire Station and avoid approaching the area near the fire. Authorized volunteers and crew members can deliver goods as needed to the men and women on the front line. Thank you for all the well wishes and generous offers to help.

Update (11:15 a.m., Wednesday, March 12) --- Crews from the Forest Service, Corp of Engineers, Denton and Tarrant County officials and others are on the ground working the hot spots that continue to flare up due to high winds. Crews are also hitting the fire to the north in Flower Mound, since the fire crossed a portion of Denton Creek. The Forest Service and DPS have estimated from aerial recon that approximately 101 acres have burned.  

Overall, TCFD and supporting agencies continue to work on extinguishing the fire.   

Update (12:15 a.m., Wednesday, March 12) --- No new brush fire updates at this time. Containment continues to look good and crews are strategically placed to respond to flare ups during the night. Officials will remain cautious and vigilant during this fire threat - and will communicate all updates here as necessary. At this moment, the brush fire does not pose a risk to TC homes.

Update (10:40 p.m.) --- Reports indicate that the majority of the fire is contained, however wind is the biggest issue and crews will remain on fire watch all night. Precautionary measures have been taken for TC homes near the affected area, with water pump trucks stationed and ready to react if necessary. Police have done a great job assisting fire crews, controlling access to the area and providing resident notification. Mutual aid response has been incredible and we are very grateful to surrounding communities for the support. Thank you, Public Safety Officials!

Update (9:50 p.m.) --- Very difficult to combat the fire as getting equip and water to the scene through the rough terrain is a real chore. Mutual Aid from just about every community within a 25-mile radius ... Lewisville, Coppell to Saginaw-Eagle Mountain. There's approximately 30-40 firefighters on the front line at any given time with a rehab unit setup at the Command Center to allow firefighters to recover ... plenty of food and drinks at this point.  Major concern is the weather shifting out of the north tonight. Currently no structures in harms way. PD has made a door-to-door canvass of all residents in the immediate area to give them an update and alert them to potential evacuation should conditions warrant with the weather change. Chief Thomas thinks that the tree line is far enough away that it won't endanger homes/families.

A brush fire broke out this afternoon on Corps of Engineers (wildlife management area) property located behind Chatswood Lane in The Highlands at Trophy Club. Due to dry conditions and high winds, the fire is spreading and several area fire departments are on the scene working to contain the fire away from homes. The fire is moving northeast along Denton Creek toward Trophy Club Park. Emergency Management does not anticipate any danger to Trophy Club homes at this time.

Trophy Club Park is now closed for precautionary reasons. Please do not drive, walk or bike near the scene, as it impedes first responder activities.