New Town of Trophy Club Logo

Posted by April Reiling on Feb 28, 2014
Tags: Community, Government, Town News

The new Town of Trophy Club logo is finally here!  After years of work and many rounds of concepts, the Town is thrilled to present the official logo. Trophy Club residents played a large part in the process, including submitting designs and assisting with narrowing down concepts for Council consideration. Based on resident input and logo design standards, the TC monogram was selected on January 20, 2014.

The classic TC monogram symbol projects a strong, progressive presence while still maintaining clean lines and an eye-pleasing design. A nod to the old logo, the design has a reserved patriotic feel and resembles a flag moving with the wind. The ‘T’ stands tall over the ‘C’, protecting the letter with a waving top line that creates movement and elegance. Anchored by a star inside a broad ‘C’, the soft curves, tapering edges and varying line thickness throughout the letter creates depth and balance. The TC monogram takes a simple concept and incorporates unique font elements that come together in a succinct, modern symbol.

In 2011 the Town’s Economic Development Corporation 4B (EDC 4B) Board engaged a Dallas design firm to redesign the website, along with a logo redesign, as part of the project. Unfortunately, the logo concepts presented did not suit the Town and the project focus shifted to development of the current website. In 2013 Town Staff began working on design concepts that fell within the guidelines of what makes a good logo, which included the following characteristics:

  • Flexible
  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Differentiated
  • Memorable

In November 2013 the Town began soliciting logo concepts from the community and nine logos were submitted by six artists. In December 2013 residents provided feedback on 10 logo submissions, including a design from staff, and the top three most-liked logos were narrowed down for Council consideration. The TC monogram logo was chosen due to its simplicity, flexibility, uniqueness in the municipal market and the Patriotic feel.

Including the Clock Tower in the Town logo presented many challenges. The Clock Tower is not owned by the Town and is located on private property. Additionally, if the property where the Clock Tower sits is developed, then the Clock Tower can be removed and another Clock Tower of the same height and scale may be erected. In other words, in a couple years the Clock Tower may not look like it does today. Additionally, a detailed Clock Tower design became problematic in regards to the guidelines for a good logo concept, and when stripped of the unique details the Clock Tower looked like any other clock tower seen in various other municipalities and counties.