Disc Golf at Trophy Club Park

Posted by Alora Wachholz on Jan 27, 2014
Tags: Community, Parks, Recreation, Sports, Trophy Club Park

If there is one thing that Trophy Club is well known for, it is golf. From the rolling hills of the Trophy Club Country Club golf course that winds throughout the Town, to the avid golfers who call this community home, golf is a popular sport of choice. But did you know that there is also an 18-hole disc golf course in Trophy Club Park?

Currently, Trophy Club Park’s 18-hole course is in the middle of some valuable upgrades and renovation projects that are going to greatly enhance game play. The top nine holes have been updated with concrete pads for initial disc launches and the baskets have been set to professional positions. This means that this course is challenging and excellent for training new players on the art of the sport.

Future expected projects include a similar concrete pad upgrade to the back nine holes, an effort to update signage at the course, and future recreational launch pad sites for those players who prefer more casual play.

Trophy Club Park
2885 Trophy Park Drive
8:00 a.m. - sunset
$1 per vehicle entry fee


Disc golf is a sport that formally began in the mid 1970’s and has a wide appeal to people of all ages. Using rigid, plastic, Frisbee-like discs, players stand at a distance from a pole and chain basket and try to throw the disc into the chains in as few throws as possible. Sound easy? Its not! Players must arc discs to counter wind conditions, avoid hazardous natural obstacles and traps, and invest in learning proper throw techniques similar to those of baseball players.