Community Logos Unveiled - What Do You Think?

Posted by April Reiling on Dec 12, 2013
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Recently, several Trophy Club residents submitted logo concepts for consideration as the next Town of Trophy Club logo (logos A - I pictured below). Additionally, logos developed by Town staff that were placed on the Town's Facebook page and sent out on Survey Monkey (logo J). Below are the logos submitted by residents and the top logo designed by staff that generated the highest favorability on the survey and Facebook. Based on feedback and community branding best practices, the Town Council will consider a new Town of Trophy Club logo in January 2014. 

The current Town logo was adopted in 1999 in preparation for a Kaleidoscope of Homes event, which also spurred the construction of the Clock Tower. The logo has become outdated and does not reproduce well. Staff is looking into the possibility of converting the existing logo into the official Town seal, which is more appropriate for a mark of this nature.

Remember: the logo should be flexible, simple, unique, differentiated and memorable. The Clock Tower is not owned by the Town and is located on private property. Additionally, if the property where the Clock Tower sits is developed, then the Clock Tower can be removed and another Clock Tower of the same height and scale may be erected. In other words, in a couple years the Clock Tower may not look like it does today.

We want to know which logo you like best for the Town of Trophy Club:
Logo A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I or J. 

Please chose one logo concept you like best, and provide feedback in the 'Blog Comments' section below to tell us what you think! Keep in mind that the logos below are conceptual and may need tweaking if selected.  Comments must remain constructive and appropriate to this project and should pertain to the 10 logo concepts pictured below. Comments that do not comply will not be approved.

Logo A  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Aaron Brown
Explanation: I wanted to create a logo that was indicative of the our heritage and name. The "T" shape serves as a strong central character, while the "C" shape surrounds and gives the logo presence. The use of  2 stripes for the "C" comes from our heritage of the two Medlins who helped found this area. The circle shape should also be a reminder of our interests and location in our hills, golf and bicycling. Set a top the "C" is a crown which serves as an accent to highlight the richness and dimension of our town.

The typography below the mark was used to show how we would incorporate a new brand with the existing elements of the town. I structured this type to be similar to the type treatments seen on the newly constructed traffic circle and website.

All of these elements together form a cohesive, simple shape which would give Trophy Club a strong presence in this area. I feel that this logo is unique and therefore differentiates easily from others in this market.



Logo B  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Aaron Brown 
Explanation: This logo is simply a designed type solution that was made to resemble the area of hills we live amongst. You'll notice the how the letters combine to resemble shapes of hills in-between the words. The position of "Town of" is even indicative of our location between the hills. (the "t" and "h") The use of the star is to give the Town its position among the cities of the "Lone Star" state.

Logo C  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Marisa Angeli 
Explanation: A simple yet elegant design that will be easy to reproduce, and easy to remember. While catching to the eye, the design is not flashy and satisfies our town homey feel. Even so, this design properly represents what we stand for: our peace (the olive branch) and what we strive to be, winners! The best we can be! (the trophy)

Logo D  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Bri Rosenthal 
Explanation:  I used the letters "T" & "C" as the dominant features in this logo. These letters are strong and bold letters that are well identified within the town of Trophy Club. I used the clock tower for a subtle negative space element between the letters to add substance and a sense of design to the logo while keeping the overall look and feel simple and without clutter. 

Logo E  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Bri Rosenthal 
Explanation: In this logo I wanted to create a sense of small town feel while displaying Trophy Club as a "snow globe" type of town. We are small, safe and protected it seems. We look out for each other and our town.

Logo F  

Submitted by Trophy Club resident Jared King 
Explanation: Basically these two entries (F&G) are using the Clock Tower that Bri Rosenthal designed. I added the words Trophy Club on the Clock Tower and did some very small editing/adjustments of her design. 

Logo G  

Designed by Trophy Club resident Jared King 
Explanation:  Basically these two entries (F&G) are using the Clock Tower that Bri Rosenthal designed. I added the words Trophy Club on the Clock Towers and did some very small editing/adjustments of her design.

Logo H 

Designed by Trophy Club resident Scott Ahlfinger  
Explanation:   A very simple yet dynamic logo that will scale well to many applications. Due to its simplicity it displays well as multiple colors or black and white. I looked at several logos that are currently used by other municipalities and this one I created is very unique.

Logo I  

Designed by Roanoke resident Stephanie Stephens  
Explanation:  This design incorporates Trophy Club motto "A Good Place to Call Home", date town established, its place in Texas, and symbols of golf clubs to indicate a golf course. The trophy pic is prominent for its name sake.   

Logo J  

Designed by Town Staff Member April Reiling  
Explanation: The design is simple, flexible, unique and memorable. The monogram "TC" is easily recognizable as "Trophy Club" and has whimsical, flowing lines to depict a flag flying proudly in the wind (just like the large flags at the Trophy Club Drive and Trophy Lake Drive town entrances off SH 114). The star represents the state of Texas - the Lone Star State - and can be tweaked to look like a "Texas star" in full color. The "TC" can easily stand on its own, and the "Town of Trophy Club" text can also be moved adjacent to the monogram for a horizontal representation. Intended color use is deep tones of red and blue.