Major Development Milestone Achieved: Town Council Approves Final Two Plats in The Highlands

Posted by April Reiling on Nov 19, 2013
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In 2007, the Town of Trophy Club created the first municipally bonded Public Improvement District (PID) in the state of Texas, and on November 4, 2013 the Town Council approved the final two plats for The Highlands at Trophy Club only six years after the 697 acre PID development started. When the PID was created, about 7,067 residents called Trophy Club home. Today the estimated population is 10,326, and the growth over the past few years is primarily due to the creation of the PID. 

View the Slideshow Presented at the November 18, 2013 Town Council Meeting.

Seven years ago, the Town Council, in concert with Mehrdad Moayedi and Centurion American Development Company, entered into a $27.5 million transaction for the formation of the Trophy Club PID called The Highlands at Trophy Club.  It was a bold, forward-thinking, innovative decision by the Council at the time that has paid huge dividends to the Trophy Club community.

A few facts:

  • The property within the PID and a few parcels outside of the PID boundaries were zoned as Planned Development No. 27 (PD-27). The PID was formed to facilitate the development of 697 acres of raw land; 487 acres projected for 1,489 residential lots and the remainder making up parkland, open space and common areas.
  • 9 Neighborhoods include 25 plats (which doesn’t include the platting of Independence Park East, Freedom Park and Veranda Ave bridge), 35 open space areas, 22 common areas, 1,482 residential lots, a 500,000 gallon elevated water tank, a 2.5 mile linear trail with two Amenity Lakes (and a bridge to the high school soon!), Independence Park East, Freedom Dog Park and the Roundabout.
  • As of today, there are 1,115 new homes are under construction or are already occupied by Trophy Club residents, and an additional 34 homes are currently under plan review.
  • The development added approximately $500 million of new property value to the Town’s tax roll over the past six years, which is triple the investment.

A big THANK YOU goes to the people responsible for bringing The Highlands at Trophy Club to fruition:

  • Mehrdad Moayedi, Steve Lenart and Lance Proctor of Centurion American. Thank you for your vision and tenacity for seeing this project through to completion. Your contributions have made a tremendous positive impact on the Trophy Club community.
  • Community Development – Carolyn Huggins, Pat Cooke, Tommy Uzee, Ron Powell and Robbie Killingsworth. Your team is the central nervous system of this successful development. From coordinating the neighborhood planning and review to the construction plan review and permitting of every single home, to the daily construction inspections --- Community Development did it all!
  • Plan Review – The comprehensive plan reviews could not have happened without the diligent assistance of our Town Engineer – Tom Rutledge, Fire Chief Danny Thomas, and our Police Chief Scott Kniffen. Thank you for making sure that all of the development plans were in accordance with our established standards and ordinances (and answering to Carolyn if they weren’t!) and to the TC MUD 1 management team plan review, specifically Jennifer McKnight, Adrian Womack and Mike McMahon.
  • Inspections and Construction - Ed Helton, David Oliver and the entire Street Department crew, as well as the field crews of the TC MUD 1 Water and Wastewater departments were the eyes and ears of the Town making sure the contractors were actually building what the approved plans and specifications called for. This group walked the projects, inspected every component and eventually accepted the projects on the Town’s behalf that would allow the various builders access to the new neighborhoods.
  • The Administrative and Management support of this initiative was superb! Stephen Seidel oversaw the Town’s development process, Patricia Adams reviewed every subdivision agreement and easement, and Tammy Ard and Carolyn Huggins pulled all the required documentation together for Planning & Zoning’s review and Town Council’s approval.
  • Finally, thank you to the Planning & Zoning Commissioners who reviewed development plans and asked hard-hitting questions to ensure Trophy Club was getting the most out the development along the way.

At the November 18 Town Council meeting, Mayor Connie White said, "Developing The Highlands has been a whirlwind to say the least, but I think I can speak for the entire Council and say that we would not have wanted anyone else on our team, taking charge and making The Highlands at Trophy Club a reality … GREAT JOB DONE BY ALL!"