Recent Car Burglaries & Holiday Safety Reminder

Posted by April Reiling on Nov 12, 2013
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCPD, Town News

Over the past few weeks, unknown person or persons burglarized several vehicles in Trophy Club with most burglaries resulting in some type of property loss. The common theme for the burglaries was each vehicle was left unlocked by the owner. The burglaries occurred in the Oak Hill, Wilshire and Durango areas of Trophy Club. Residents are reminded to always remove items from your vehicle that can be removed and to keep your vehicles locked at all times when unattended.

With the holiday season upon us, the Trophy Club Police Department reminds everyone to be extra vigilant in the prevention of crime. History has proven that crime rises during the holidays but if everyone does their part, the impact will not be as great as in the past. Simple things like removing items from your vehicle and locking the vehicle doors, having a neighbor pick up your paper and leaving a light on in the house while away on holiday travel can deter a would be criminal.

For more information on how to protect yourself and your family from becoming a victim, please contact Community Services Officer Scott Voigt at 682-831-4650 x151 or