TCPD Tests New 'DWI Drunk Busters' Equipment at BNHS

Posted by April Reiling on Nov 04, 2013
Tags: BNHS, Community, Public Safety, Schools, TCPD, Town News

On October 28 & 30, the Trophy Club Police Department (TCPD) introduced the 'DWI Drunk Busters' program to Byron Nelson High School (BNHS) students during lunch. Student Council members helped set up the obstacle course for students to drive through using drunk goggles to simulate driving intoxicated. The DWI education equipment was purchased with grant funds, including two pedal carts, a 6' X 12' enclosed trailer and an assortment of traffic cones and markers.

Several students commented that the excercise was eye opening and how dangerous it would be to drive under the influence.

On August 13, 2013 the Justice Grant Program authorized the purchase of specialized DWI Education equipment designed to focus on the hazards of Under Aged Drunk Driving. The DWI Busters Equipment will allow for programs that include driving age students, faculty, staff, parents and other groups as appropriate. The program focuses on impaired driving by youthful drivers under the influence of both alcohol and drug use. The purchase of two pedal carts, a 6' X 12' enclosed trailer along with an assortment of markers and traffic cones provides a realistic simulated Impaired driving experience. The use of special goggles provides the participant with a learning experience that simulates the affects of distraction and impairment from alcohol and other drugs on a motorists driving skills. The goggles simulate the drug or alcohol intoxication level while the participant attempts to navigate through a driving course lined with markers and traffic cones. Emphasis is on topics such as “Don’t let a friend drive drunk”, “Report Drunk Driving” and the “Aftermath of Drunk Driving”.