2013 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - We Cannot Say

Posted by April Reiling on Oct 23, 2013
Tags: Community, Government, Town News, Trophy Club Gives

On Tuesday, October 22, Trophy Club volunteers gathered at the Fire Station for dinner and comradery, as well as to receive recognition, thanks and gratitude from Town and TC MUD 1 staff and elected officials for all the hard work contributed over the past year. About 100 people attended the event and enjoyed an Italian dinner and desert while Mayor Connie White recognized various community partner organizations, board/committee/commission volunteers, community volunteers, emergency volunteers, MUD volunteers and more. Mayor White noted that even though tonight's recognition included various resident volunteer groups, many more people volunteer time and contribute to the community, such as sports association coaches and students from the schools in town.

View the Mayor's Slide Show Presentation.

Gene Hill (pictured with his wife, Wilma) received the Extraordinary Service Award for over 25 years of service to Trophy Club, which includes research to form the Zoning Board of Adjustment, several years on the Town Council and 17 years on the Planning & Zoning Commission. Some of the major developments Gene worked on during his volunteer tenure include Eagle's Ridge, the Tom Thumb Plaza Shopping Center, Hogan's Glen, The Highlands, schools, and several parks in town. Gene read the following statement after receiving his award:

"What a pleasure it has been to reside in Trophy Club since Wilma and I relocated here from Carrollton, TX in April 1987 to escape Dallas traffic and congestion. What a marvelous “country” locale it was!

Can you imagine today, that in the early 1990s you could exit Trophy Club Drive at a STOP sign, onto a two-lane blacktop Highway 114, and drive through farmland to Grapevine before reaching any commercial development? This Town's development progress has been phenomenal!

There have been some challenging times during my various terms of office, and many times of gratification when projects considered by Planning and Zoning and the Town Council were brought to successful conclusion. We have seen commercial growth, superior schools, beautiful and useful parks, quality housing and several churches come to our Town. These developments have not always come without some controversy, but the end results have brought benefit to all of our residents.

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the Town of Trophy Club for twenty five years in various offices and positions, and I look forward to enjoying its continued growth in future years.

I want to give special thanks to Carolyn Huggins for her dedication and service as Planning and Zoning Coordinator in the 7 years she has been employed by the Town. Without her diligent efforts to ensure the work of the Planning and Zoning Commission was timely, complete, and accurate the results of the Commission could not have been realized.

I am also thankful to have had a great group of Planning and Zoning Commissioners to work with during my years as Chairman. Without your dedication and contributions we could not have achieved all that Planning and Zoning has done to make the Town of Trophy Club a great place to live."

Thank you, again, to all Trophy Club volunteers. Each one of you make a huge difference in the community and we are so grateful to have such wonderful residents!