DEA Impersonation Scam

Posted by April Reiling on Oct 17, 2013
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A concerned Trophy Club resident recently came to the police station because she had received a voicemail form a person who claimed to be a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent with a warrant for her arrest and a search warrant for her property. She believed the call to be suspicious because she has not been involved in anything that would warrant a DEA inquiry and it didn’t’ sound plausible that the DEA would tell her that they had a warrant for her as opposed to simply coming to get her and executing the search warrant. The complainant called the number back and the caller answered the phone “hello”. The man who answered the phone had a thick Middle Eastern accent and wanted her to tell him her name and to spell it out for him. The complainant refused to do so and asked for the location of the field office where he was working. The suspect would not answer even the most basic of questions regarding the DEA Office he was supposed to be working.

Listen to the voicemail left by the suspect.

Research revealed that numerous online alerts exist about this particular scam. Various victims indicated that the man calling had stated his name was Xavier Pena and that he was a DEA Agent. In our case he used the term “Drug Enforcement Administration”. The suspect relates that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of the victim, as well as a search warrant for their residence. The suspect relates that if the victim wires anywhere from $1,800 - $2,500 to the “Agent”, then he will get the judge to lift the warrants.

The real Javier (Not Xavier) Pena is the Special Agent in Charge of the Houston DEA Office and apparantly he has been made aware of this scam. It also seems that the DEA Los Angeles Division has been alerted, as well. A search of the telephone number provided by the suspect for the victim to call back shows the phone is located in Houston, Texas.

The Trophy Club Police Department is taking a report for Impersonating a Public Servant and forwarding the case to the DEA Dallas field office. If you believe a DEA impersonator has contacted you, please call the Trophy Club Police Department at 682-831-4650, or call your local law enforcement agency. To report suspicious activity directly to the DEA, call the DEA Extortion hotline at  877-792-2873.

Reports of similar scams are international in scope and residents should take extra caution if contacted by a suspicious person.