The Big Picture: A Better Government for Trophy Club

Posted by April Reiling on Oct 15, 2013
Tags: Community, Government, Town News, Government Consolidation

The following article was written by Town Manager Mike Slye.

Trophy Club is A Great Place to Call Home, with safe neighborhoods, high-rated schools, beautiful medians, manicured parks, safe drinking water and a community spirit that continues to grow with the years. The politics and warring factions in Trophy Club have become a black mark on our great community and the time for civil discourse regarding the future must begin now. The Town versus TC MUD 1 consolidation debate has extended outside our town limits, into regional media outlets and surrounding municipalities, and we must find a way for our community's internal weaknesses to match its outward strengths. It is time for a united Trophy Club.

The struggle between the Town and TC MUD 1 is emblematic of the current issues between decision makers in Washington.  Public approval of the federal government is at an all-time low and people deserve, and are demanding, more from their government – more transparency, more accountability and more bipartisanship.  A major roadblock to progress is the lack of communication, negotiation and compromise, and what is happening in Trophy Club between the Town and TC MUD 1 is a microcosm to what is happening in Washington. Your Trophy Club government can be better!

The proposed Town/TC MUD 1 consolidation seeks less government, less politics, less government waste – and more accountability, more transparency, more efficiency without sacrificing the top-notch services you have come to expect. The Town Council’s Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) proposal laid out an agreement to work with TC MUD 1 on developing the best plan to, overtime, consolidate the two entities into one, cohesive local government for Trophy Club.  TC MUD 1 responded with a costly advertising and direct mail campaign designed to disparage the Town, scare residents and twist facts. TC MUD 1 is concerned with securing a long-term PID water/wastewater contract, but fails to recognize the bigger picture, which is to eventually move toward a consolidated Trophy Club local government.

The financial impact to consolidating the two entities is significant. The only finance-based argument TC MUD 1 employs against a consolidated government is the $331,000 annual profit that TC MUD 1 derives from Solana in Westlake. The financial and operational environment for a consolidated Trophy Club must be optimal in order to minimize the impact from the loss of Solana revenue. Timing for consolidation is crucial and the Town is currently positioned to absorb the TC MUD 1 functions (water, wastewater & fire) into Town operations with a minimal financial impact.

As a result of the proposed consolidation:

  • Utility rates will remain stable (Trophy Club will continue to have one of the most competitive water rates in the area).
  • Quality municipal services will remain a priority (Town and TC MUD 1 staff will combine as one organization guided by the same Core Values and Strategic Vision adopted by the Town Council).
  • Duplication of services will be eliminated (more efficient and less costly).
  • Equal representation for all Trophy Club residents (only one elected body, voted into office by all of the residents and held accountable by all of the people).
  • Unified local government structure (simplified and streamlined operations - no "middle man").

A consolidated Trophy Club government is in the best interest of Trophy Club residents now and in the future, but TC MUD 1 must be willing to talk about other issues, aside from long-term contracts, in order to truly serve in the best interest of the district’s customers.  There are questions that must be answered prior to committing PID residents to long-term debt that TC MUD 1 is proposing to issue.  Now is the time to open the lines of communication and talk responsibly about the future of Trophy Club governance. 

The Town/TC MUD 1 issue cannot be resolved overnight, but we will continue to move forward and work toward a better government for the Town of Trophy Club.


Mike Slye
Town Manager
Trophy Club, TX