Westlake Lift Station Overflows - Cleanup Effort Underway

Posted by April Reiling on Oct 04, 2013
Tags: Community, Government, Public Health, Town News, Transparency, Water

In the afternoon hours on Friday, October 4 the Town of Trophy Club was notified that a lift station across State Highway 114 in Westlake overflowed.  Subsequently, sewage has moved downstream into the Trophy Club creek behind the homes located on Brook Hollow Lane and across Indian Creek into the pond at Hogan’s Glen. Immediate steps are being taken by Westlake, in cooperation with the Town of Trophy Club and TC MUD 1, to clean up the sewage from affected waterways.

Westlake has begun draining the reservoir upstream and will work around the clock to clean up the sewage, as mandated by TCEQ. Crews will also clean up the creek behind the homes on Brook Hollow Lane and, a pumping truck will drain the pond in Hogan’s Glen, hopefully containing the sewage. Crews have taken several samples from all of the ponds in Hogan’s Glen and will continue to do so during the cleanup.

As a way to keep residents informed of the situation, please send an email to info@trophyclub.org and include ‘Sewage Update’ in the Subject line. As information becomes available, we will send emails to residents updating them on the status of the cleanup efforts.

We take this issue very seriously and will work to ensure that Trophy Club waterways and environmental areas are once again restored.


Mike Slye

Town Manager
Town of Trophy Club