Town Council Recognizes BNHS Solar Car Team - October 7 at 7:00 p.m.

Posted by April Reiling on Oct 04, 2013
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On Monday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Trophy Club Municipal Building the Town Council will recognize the BNHS Solar Car Team for their outstanding effort during the Solar Car Challenge. The BNHS Solar Car, "High Voltage" will be on display for the public to get an up close view, so please join us as we honor these outstanding students and the team's sponsors.

The article below (written by Sponsor David Beattie) details the huge accomplishment earned by the Byron Nelson High School Solar Car Team – 2013 Solar Car Challenge Classic Division National Champions!

The Solar Car Challenge started in 1993 and the 2013 race marked the 20th anniversary. 2013 marked the 1st time Byron obtained a 1st place trophy. We earned 7 out of 8 of the available 1st place trophies through the 8 days of racing. 2013 marked the 1st time a team from Texas won the classic division in a cross country race. We completed 660.2 total miles with an avg. speed of 21.63 mph. 2nd place finished with 607.1 miles and an avg. speed of 20.20 mph. The car was built over about a 7 month period in David Beattie’s garage. We continue to fund raise and are still trying to find a corporate sponsor. For pictures and upcoming events please look for us on Facebook and twitter.

Team Sponsors: Terry Flickinger, Nick Randolph, Keith Wolfe, David Beattie, Sondra Price and Georgie Weston

Team Members: Gage Price, Chase Flickinger, Chase Randolph, Angel Szymanski, Brooke Weston, William Beattie, Matthew Wolfe, Hayden Butler, Kyle Barnes and our drivers Zach Randolph and Austin Flickinger

Byron Nelson High School has had a Solar Car team for 4 years. In 2012, at a race held solely at Texas Motor speedway over 4 days, Byron Nelson Nigh School placed 3rd overall. Basically all but two of the team members (Zach and Austin) were new to the team. All 9 of the new members were freshman. Because they had not had the experience of building a car like the last group, we decided to start the 2013 race with a new build designed by the incoming group. Terry Flickinger and Nick Randolph were the only returning sponsors. In Sept of 2012 the 9 freshman attended a seminar hosted by the Solar Car Challenge. After attending the seminar, the group set about designing and building their new car.

Roughly 30 days prior to the start of the race they began testing the completed car by running laps around the parking lot at Texas Motor Speedway. On Sunday, July 20th the event began with Scrutineering. Scrutineering basically is the only way to get in the race. Scrutineering is designed to ensure that the car is road capable and can be driven safely under those conditions. With a minor change the car passed with flying colors. Below are the race details and event legs.

  • July 23rd day 1 – FT. Worth, TX to Snyder, TX – 180.2 available miles - Byron Nelson finished 1st overall and received their very 1st, 1st place trophy. They completed 108.7 miles finishing 1.7 miles ahead of second place.
  • July 24th day 2 – Snyder, TX to Carlsbad, NM – 201.75 available miles - Byron Nelson finished first overall on what would turn out to be the most strategic day of racing. With storms looming we decided to skip part of the race and trailer our car ahead of the storms. There is no penalty for trailering but you do not get credit for any miles that you skip or any additional time. We logged 97.1 miles, 21 more than second place for the day and 42.2 miles ahead of the second place overall finisher.
  • July 25th day 3 – Carlsbad, NM to El Paso, TX – 101.1 available miles – Byron Nelson again finished 1st overall with 100.7 miles driven 1.9 miles ahead of second place.
  • July 26th day 4 – Rest day in El Paso. The team spent the day trying to get charged and working on changing a sprocket for the hilly terrain on day 5. This almost cost us the race.
  • July 27th day 5 – El Paso, TX to Florence, AZ - 92.4 available miles - The day began with a mechanical failure 1/10th of a mile into the race. The rear axle rides on pillow bearings. They were installed backwards. Had the speedometer not worked we would have ruined both our axle and our chances to win. In 15 min 4 boys had the bearings reinstalled correctly and we were back on the road. We completed all of the available miles for the day along with 3 other teams. Based on time 7:08 hours we finished 1st overall, 33 minutes ahead of Bullard High School.
  • July 28th day 6 – Florence, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ – 66.1 available miles - This was one of the shortest legs of the race. We decided to take it slow and not risk hurting the car. Day 7 was the last day to capture a lot of miles and we wanted to be prepared for that. We completed all of our miles and finished in 3rd based on time 25 minutes behind 1st place for the day.
  • July 29th – day 7 – Wickenburg, AZ to 29 Palms, CA – 193.8 available miles - We came in first overall with 148.6 miles 1.6 miles ahead of 2nd place. This day was not only the most miles the car had traveled, but also found us changing a sprocket in Death Valley. The same 4 boys who fixed the car 3 days early managed to change the sprocket in under 13 minutes. The temp was 113 and the shoulder we were parked on was dessert. We feel this change got us the miles we needed to complete the race in 1st.
  • July 30th – day 8 – 29 Palms to Los Angeles, CA – 55.9 available miles - Again we finished first overall with 51.5 miles driven 4.1 miles more than second place.