Blue Ribbon Panel Set to Begin Examining Proposed Government Consolidation

Posted by April Reiling on Sep 06, 2013
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A message from Mayor Connie White

In May, the Town Council presented a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) to TC MUD 1 and the Town of Westlake that proposed merging the two local governments in Trophy Club over the next few years. The SPA afforded the three organizations the opportunity to discuss the issues and work through solutions. The benefits to uniting our governments range from less government and politics in Trophy Club to more efficient operations and a unified vision. Westlake has also formally offered to buy TC MUD 1 out of Solana, which further indicates the need for the three organizations to come together and begin discussing the future of the region. Professional dialogue and deliberation among all three parties is essential for a resolution, particularly since any consolidation at this point would require agreement among all three entities.

Recently, TC MUD 1 developed paid advertisements that attacked the Town, belittled the Council and falsely represented the consolidation proposal and intention. The Town Council has chosen to remain on the high road; therefore my only response to the attacks from TC MUD 1 is to request that they also take the high road moving forward. Placing Trophy Club issues in a regional spotlight hurts everyone, including the residents. Let’s allow the Blue Ribbon Panel to investigate the two organizations and develop a recommendation for how governance in Trophy Club should look in the future – move the politics aside and let the people who elect us recommend the best course of action.

Speaking of the Blue Ribbon Panel, I am so excited to announce the members of the Panel!  The Town Council had an amazing talent pool to work with, including a FDIC Executive, Engineer, Psychotherapist, Accountant, Former City Manager, Disaster Recovery Consultant, US Department of Justice Agent, Assistant US Attorney, Process and Organizational Governance, Compliance and Public Administration, Payment Systems and Operations, Field Operations Manager, Naval Officer, Teacher, Pharmaceutical CEO, a free lance writer and many more. A truly impressive group of 33 applicants, which made Council’s decision even more difficult!

The Blue Ribbon Panel, consisting of 12 residents and a Panel Secretary, is charged with investigating the optimal solution to the future TC MUD 1 and Town government structure by:

  • examining the current government structure in Trophy Club,
  • researching best practices for municipal government and
  • providing a recommendation to the Council regarding a local government consolidation.

Blue Ribbon Panel Members:

MUD Residents PID Residents
Joe Hennig James Como
Ronald Eddins Timothy Gamache
Ronald Bieker Mitchell Christoffer
Nicole Fontayne Robert Duncan
Patrick Arata Robert Hillman 
Wesley Carlton Wanda Franklin
Sandra Millett – Blue Ribbon Panel Recording Secretary

The Panel members have accepted a big responsibility and should be recognized for their desire and commitment to make a difference for the town. The research requires that the Panel members dedicate a large amount of time, expertise and energy to deliver a recommendation that is beneficial to the future of Trophy Club. I am so grateful for everyone who applied for the Panel and showed so much passion for the community.

The Town Council gave the Panel a soft deadline of December 31, 2013; however, we recognize the issues are complex and will allocate more time if necessary.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Blue Ribbon Panel and we will keep residents updated on the progress.



Connie White