Blue Ribbon Panel - Resident Assistance Requested for Local Government Analysis

Posted by April Reiling on Jul 16, 2013
Tags: Community, Town News, Government, Government Consolidation

On June 24, 2013, the Town Council took Executive Action to form a Blue Ribbon Panel comprised of 12 TC MUD 1 and Public Improvement District (PID) residents.The Panel will be charged with investigating the optimal solution to the future TC MUD 1 and Town government structure by:

  • examining the current government structure in Trophy Club,
  • researching best practices for municipal government and
  • providing a recommendation to the Council regarding a local government consolidation.

We are looking for residents who have the time, energy, commitment and dedication to serve on this Blue Ribbon Panel. If you are interested, please fill out and return the application to Amy Piukana, Town Secretary, by Saturday, August 9 at 5:00 p.m.  You can also drop off the applications at the Svore Municipal Building, located at 100 Municipal Drive, Trophy Club, TX 76262. The Town Council will review and select the applicants to form the 12-member Blue Ribbon Panel. Elected officials are not eligible.


The Blue Ribbon Panel is a new resident volunteer group created to provide resident feedback in regards to consolidating the Town and TC MUD 1 governments. If you are unfamiliar with the recent Strategic Partnership Agreement proposed by the Town, then please review the following articles for further details:

Town Council Proposes Consolidation of Local Governments in Trophy Club - published May 20, 2013

Consolidation of Local Governments: Proposals and MUD/PID Financial Impact - published May 30, 2013

Local Government Consolidation: Trophy Club Residents Share Your Thoughts - published June 21, 2013