New Church Scheduled to Open in November

Posted by Brett Oliver on Jul 03, 2013
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The Trophy Club Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) has begun construction of a 19,422 square foot church located at the corner of Trophy Club Drive and Bobcat Boulevard. The LDS church, which rests on 6.3 acres of land, has completed 70 percent of construction and is scheduled to be completed in November. The building will house three congregations and will be used for Sunday Worship and offices for the local Stake Leadership.

Building and Amenities  

The Church has many unique features and amenities, including:

  • Indoor Stage - The building has an indoor stage for church cultural art performances.
  • Basketball/Volleyball Court - The building has an indoor basketball/volleyball court that also serves as an overflow for bi-annual conferences.
  • Chapel - The main chapel seating capacity is 283.
  • Baptismal Font - There is a Baptismal Font built for performing baptisms.
  • Lighted Steeple - The church will have a lighted steeple.
  • Teaching Areas - The building has 22 teaching areas. This includes five larger teaching spaces with adjustable size partitions, and the largest teaching space seats 127 people.
  • Pavilion - The site includes a church-use Pavilion for members.
  • Parking - Parking will include 240 spaces including eight handicapped.

Open Space Gifted to Town

The Church donated slightly less than one acre to the Town of Trophy Club to accommodate for community access to the Independence Parks and Community Pool.

  • Park Access Strip - The access strip is approximately 70 feet wide and 300 feet long. 
  • Walking Path - LDS Contractors will install a 7-foot wide path will allow for biking and walking from Trophy Club Drive to Parkview Drive.
  • Better Accessibility to Amenities, Schools & Neighborhoods - The walking path will provide residents direct access Independence East, Independence West, the Community Pool, schools and neighborhoods from both Trophy Club Drive and Parkview Drive

The Town will pour a matching section of trail that will tie in to the LDS trail in order to connect the two properties.

Open House

  • The Trophy Club LDS Church has an Open House tentatively scheduled for November pending the final construction schedule and Certificate of Occupancy Permit.
  • The Open House will provide an opportunity for residents to tour the facility, meet with LDS staff and learn more about the Mormon faith.

Further information about the LDS Church: