Trophy Club Stars and Stripes Paint the Town Red, White & Blue

Posted by Brett Oliver on Jun 26, 2013
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For the second year in a row, the Stars and Stripes volunteers will paint the town red, white, and blue by planting over 25,000 American flags along Trophy Club roadways to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

Flags have been ordered and delivered to Street Captains who have been assigned sections of Trophy Club for planting and harvesting. Over 600 volunteers - men, women, and children - from all over Trophy Club will load up wagons, bicycles, golf carts and backpacks with American flags. The flags will be placed every 12 feet at the five entrances, along the major thoroughfares and along the streets of many neighborhoods.

Local patriots will begin “planting” flags the evening of July 2nd. The volunteers will then “harvest” the flags on July 5th. Please do not remove the flags; volunteers will collect them for sorting and storage for next year. Flags that become torn, tattered or broken will be formally retired by the Roanoke VFW.

The Stars and Stripes mission is to unite the Town in Patriotic Spirit and Pride, and provide an opportunity for residents to get out and work together with fellow neighbors in order to showcase Trophy Club as a proud American township.

Safety for Volunteers is Critical

---  Use Extra Caution on July 2 and July 5  ---

Safety for the resident volunteers who will be planting and harvesting flags along Trophy Club roadways is a priority during the event. Both motorists and volunteers must remain watchful of each other during the Stars and Stripes flag planting and harvesting.



  • Watch for volunteers planting American flags
  • Drive slowly when volunteers are working along the roadways
  • If possible, drive in the middle, or far lane to avoid pedestrians close to roadway


  • Wear bright colors and reflective clothing
  • Remain aware of your surroundings and watchful for moving vehicles
  • Stay out of roadways and use sidewalks and grassy areas as much as possible

For additional information contact Michelle Reed at (817) 455-1814 or Jeannette Tiffany at 214-796-6208


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