Trophy Club Police Department Moves Back to the Police Building

Posted by Brett Oliver on Jun 21, 2013
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCPD, Town News

The Trophy Club Police Department (TCPD) Rehab Project that began on May 18, 2013 has concluded and all units of the TCPD will return to the building today (Friday, June 21, 2013). The TCPD still has a lot unpacking and house cleaning to do, which is expected to take an additional two to three weeks to complete. Police Chief Scott Kniffen believes that the project has led the department to evaluate what supplies and equipment should be kept, sold at auction, or disposed of to allow for more open workspace and storage. The rehab project has brought new life to the building that was rendered uninhabitable after a February 2013 sewage leak contaminated the building. Administrative Assistant Janet Grunt said the new layout changes make her feel more secure and the building seems more "homey".

Layout Changes

Training Room -The former training room, which was too small to handle staff training, has been reconfigured to house two patrol sergeants.

Administrative Assistant’s Office - This office has been moved to the right of its former location, which provides for easily accessible storage and a nearby secured area for police records. The previous layout required that the administrative assistant leave the front desk office to access police records and storage.

Small Conference Room - An old office has been converted into a TCPD conference room.

Record Storage - TCPD police records have been moved to a more convenient location within the building.

Animal Control Office - The Animal Control Officer has been relocated from the front of the building to an office at the rear, near the Animal Shelter.  The old shelter room, where supplies and kennels for cats were previously located, is now split into two sections: one for the Animal Control Officer to office and the other to provide space for the cat kennels.

Miscellaneous Supply Closet - A supply closet that previously housed miscellaneous equipment, supplies and tools has been converted into a patrol equipment room and work space.


Building Improvements

Administrative Assistant Window - A new impact resistant (bullet proof) window was installed to enhance the safety and security of the administrative assistant front desk and entire building.

Interview Room - Digital video capabilities have been added to the existing interview room.

Security Cameras - Additional security cameras have been placed throughout the TCPD building.