Dallas Morning News: 10 Healthiest Neighborhoods

Posted by Brett Oliver on Jun 05, 2013
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The Dallas Morning News (DMN) recently published the areas 10 Healthiest Neighborhoods and, although Trophy Club did not make the list, the Town was certainly well represented. The 10 healthiest communities were ranked according to four key factors:

  • Walking and biking trails
  • Pollution
  • Exercise facilities
  • Availability of healthy food

Colleyville (#1 & #2), Plano and Southlake were all recognized as the top four cities on the DMN list. Trophy Club was mentioned within Southlake's recognition:

"4. Southlake

One of the biggest things going for Southlake is nearby Trophy Club. Trails in that city and the Trophy Club Country Club add to Southlake’s own parks, country clubs and health facilities to put the Northeast Tarrant suburb near the top of the list."


Healthy Outdoor Exercise Opportunities

While the DMN mentions the Trophy Club Country Club and Trail system in town, Trophy Club offers many additional exercise opportunities, such as:

  • Parks (There are several in town)
  • Youth Sports - Baseball, Soccer and Football (Independence & Harmony Park)
  • Cycling (Trophy Club is known for the moderate hills, beautiful environment and slow speeds)
  • Tennis & Basketball Courts (Independence Park & Harmony Park)
  • Natural Hiking Trails (Trophy Club Park)
  • Disc Golf (Trophy Club Park)
  • Geocaching (Trophy Club Park)
  • Neos Interactive Gaming System (Harmony Park)
  • Swimming and Splash Pad (Community Pool)
  • Kayaking (Trophy Club Park)

Trophy Club has many outdoor amenities to suit you and your family's physical fitness goals.

Comments (2)

  1. Colette Park:
    Jun 07, 2013 at 09:37 PM

    I definitely believe we need to do more for the seniors, a rec center comes to mind, HOWEVER I feel the little children are neglected as well. We need more parks, my description of them would be little pocket parks. The neighborhood is getting way too spread out for what we have. We need splash pads as well. I am not talking about that very LARGE, OVERDONE splash park, not pad at the community pool, but little self operating splash pads that people on other sides of the neighborhood could use at NO CHARGE. I have a daughter who lives in a neighborhood like that and it is such a great atmosphere for the kids. The splash pads need no lifeguards because water does not accumulate and the parks are scattered about so that most people are within walking distance of such perks. I don't understand why a splash pad at Harmony park was nixed.

    I have no little kids and my grandchildren are teenagers, but the neighborhood is evolving and we need to keep up with the changing times. Pretty median strips are nice, but they are getting very fancy and some of that money could be spent on our little children. Our taxes are high enough we should be able to afford more of such things. I would be interested if another pool is in the future plans. That again goes to the fact we are getting so large and spread out and the current one that has a wonderful toddler pool but the main pool already seems small. I have seen them close off one end of the pool so a few children can use the diving board.

    By the way, my personal opinion only, I think the round-a-about is great and forward thinking. It helps traffic flow especially for people going to and from the schools and will help as more and more residents move to the back toward Trophy Park. We need more of that type of thinking.

  2. Andrea:
    Jul 16, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    I too, would be very interested in knowing if a second community pool is in the future plans. It would seem the other end of Trophy Club could certainly benefit from the addition. The splash pads Colette mentions above would be great. I used to live in a neighborhood with them and they were such great additions, especially for small children. I certainly love living in Trophy Club and look forward to many more years in the community but am hoping to see some new, expanded amenities.

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