Golf Cart Inspection and Permitting

Posted by April Reiling on May 22, 2013
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCPD, Town News

Golf carts will be legal on Trophy Club roadways beginning June 1, but for general use they must first be inspected and permitted. The Trophy Club Police Department (TCPD) is conducting an inspection and permit event on:

Saturday, May 25th
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Trophy Club Fire Department (295 Trophy Club Drive) 

Residents may drive their cart to and from the Fire Department on that date without penalty; however, the permit is not valid until the ordinance goes into effect, so for the next week golf cart drivers will still be restricted to operating carts to and from the golf course only.

While applications will be available on-site, it would be helpful if residents complete an application form before arriving in order to speed up the process on inspection day.  Application forms can be found on the Town web site at  If you have difficulty locating your serial number, the inspectors will have a list of common golf carts and the locations of the serial number plate.

Payment for your permit is by check or cash only. TCPD does not have petty cash to make change, so please bring exact change.  Applicants will need to provide a valid Texas Driver License, proof of liability insurance, the application, and the permit fee to the inspector.  A receipt will be issued for the permit fee.

Owners of gas-powered carts will be required to sign a statement that their exhaust and emission systems are unaltered. 

Only carts that would typically be considered “golf carts” will be inspected and receive permits.

Other types of vehicles, such as UTV’s, do not fall into this definition under the Transportation Code or the ordinance.  Because they are capable of a much greater speed than a typical cart, UTV’s would fall under Federal guidelines of “low speed vehicles” and would require a greater amount of safety equipment would have to be registered as motor vehicles before they could be operated on public roadways.

Please visit the Golf Cart page on the Town website for the complete set of rules and regulations pertaining to golf cart's in Trophy Club.