SH 114 / SH 170 Highway Expansion - Project Update

Posted by April Reiling on May 17, 2013
Tags: Town News, Community, Road Construction


Update (January 27, 2014) --- We have just received word from TX DoT that SEMA Construction is planning to fully open the SH 114 westbound lanes Thursday evening, January 30. If weather cooperates, contractors will begin striping operations early Thursday morning and traffic will be one lane while striping work is in progress (all traffic control devices are expected to be picked up by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday). If necessary, additional work may be done Friday, January 31 during the day. Expect delays during this transition period.

Update (January 16, 2014) --- From TX DoT --- The westbound mainlanes are expected to be finished and opened in 2-3 weeks. The focus will then shift to finishing the two intersections. That work will take up the rest of the time left on the project and the contractor has committed to being finished by the end of March, pending the weather. 

Update (January 9, 2014) --- From TX DoT --- Sema Construction will run out of time on the SH 114/170 project at the end of this month and will be charged liquidated damages. Currently, contractors are starting intersection work at business 114 and the 170 frontage road, which should take approximately two months to complete, but TX DoT is not confident that Sema will meet that schedule. TX DoT officials and the Sema paving contractor will meet today to determine a schedule for completing the intersections. The westbound lanes will open after the business 114/eastbound frontage road intersection is complete.  A TX DoT official familiar with the project indicated that he anticipates that the project will finish around April or May of this year.

Texas Department of Transportation (TX DoT) officials continue to estimate a September 2013 completion date for the State Highway (SH) 114/170 highway expansion project. By early summer, the direct connect bridge going from SH 170 to westbound 114 will be complete and open for traffic. Additionally, TX DoT plans to open the westbound bridge (over Marshall Creek) in a few weeks and contractors are expediting mainlane work in order to coincide with opening the direct connect. Once the mainlanes and direct connect are open, TX Dot will adjust the timing on the signal lights to accommodate the new traffic flow.

Construction on the SH 114/170 expansion project began in May 2011 and the contract allows SEMA Construction 31 months to complete the project.  The result of the completed construction should provide a very nice interchange which will improve traffic flow and alleviate traffic off the 114 frontage roads near Trophy Club/Trophy Lake Drive areas. The end goal for the project is to construct the interchange of SH 114 and SH 170 and extend the main lane portion of SH 114 west to SH 114 bypass. Main lane traffic will be depressed to help minimize highway noise to Trophy Club residents and once the project is complete, the main lane will be further from residential housing than the existing roadway.

A recent email from TX DoT official Michelle Relerford said: “It’s pretty typical for the public to see concrete on the ground and wonder why the lanes are not open, but there is a lot of detail work that has to be completed before we can safely allow motorists to use the new facility. 

The contractor has completed the bridge work that had to be redone and is currently painting the bridges, sound wall and retaining wall. One of the reasons this must be done while the lanes are still closed is to protect passing vehicles from paint spray. The bridge rail and sealing of the deck should be completed in several weeks, weather permitting. Very soon, the telltale signs of the completion of the project will begin to be more evident with sod placement on slopes and permanent lane striping. The overhead signs, lights and traffic signals will also be installed.

The next phase will be to open the westbound bridge and ramp with mainlanes to follow as soon as the finish work is complete.

We understand it’s not always obvious to the drivers who pass through the project that critical work is still going on. Things like overhead sign placement and signal installation are not done over or next to live traffic for safety reasons and these elements must be in place before opening the facility to live traffic also for safety reasons. There is preparatory work for all of these operations that must be done, hence the parked contract vehicles on site, that can’t be seen as motorists drive by.

TxDOT personnel are working diligently to see that this project is completed as soon, and as safely as possible.”