Council Canvasses May Election, Swears in New Councilmember

Posted by April Reiling on May 17, 2013
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Join us Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building (100 Municipal Dr.) as we recognize outgoing Councilman Glenn Strother for his years of dedicated service to the Town and welcome & administer the Oath of Office to incoming Councilman Greg Lamont. We will also canvass (certify) the May 11, 2013 election returns.

Below are the unofficial results from the May 11, 2013 Trophy Club General & Special Election:

Glenn Strother  441
Greg Lamont  571

Proposition No. 1 The Trophy Club 4A Economic Development Corporation local sales and use tax within the Town is abolished.
For  758
Against  199

Proposition No. 2 The creation of the Trophy Club Crime Control and Prevention District dedicated to Crime Reduction Programs and the adoption of a proposed local sales and use Tax at a rate of one-fourth of one percent.
For  628
Against  347

Proposition No. 3 Qualifications for Council.
For  769
Against  202

Proposition No. 4 Qualifications for Council; vacancies, Forfeiture of office, filling of vacancies.
For  655
Against  288

Proposition No. 5 Mayor.
For  619
Against  330              

Proposition No. 6 Emergency Ordinances.
For   722
Against  207

Proposition No. 7 Investigative Powers of the Council.
For  735
Against  192

Proposition No. 8 Indemnification of Officers.
For   757
Against 154

Proposition No. 9 Power and Duties – Town Manager.
For  703
Against  223

Proposition No. 10 Powers and Duties – Town Manager and Town Secretary.
For  761
Against  151

Proposition No. 11 Municipal Court.
For   667
Against  263

Proposition No. 12 Clerk of the Court. 
For   814
Against  106

Proposition No. 13 Canvassing and Election Returns. 
For  770
Against  126

Proposition No. 14 Scope of Recall. 
For   650
Against  246

Proposition No. 15 Capital program: Submission to Council. 
For   729
Against  170

Proposition No. 16 Rearrangement and Renumber. 
For   768
Against  136

Proposition No. 17 Charter Review Commission. 
For  630
Against  267

Proposition No. 18 Number, Selection, Term; Elections.  
For   582
Against  244

Proposition No. 19 Ways and Means Committee.
For   489
Against  515

The full ballot proposition language is available online.

Updated May 24, 2013