Trophy Club Police Department Building Rehab Project

Posted by April Reiling on May 09, 2013
Tags: Community, Public Safety, TCPD, Town News, Public Health

On Monday, April 22 the Town Council approved a bid from Jamail & Smith Construction for $97,964.74 to rehab the Trophy Club Police Department building that was damaged in February from a sewage leak underneath the building. Jamail & Smith Construction was awarded the project by Town Council after submitting a competitive bid with an aggressive timeline for rehabbing the building. The thirty-two day project began May 7, 2013 and addressed the major sewage leak found under the patrol room by raking lime into the contaminated soil.  The lime has to remain in the soil to neutralize contamination for 36-72 hours.

In addition to remediating the contamination under the building, the rehab project will include leveling the building by installing concrete footings and pads, replacing any damaged subfloor, repairing and painting the walls, removing existing and installing new carpet and vinyl tile throughout the building, and replacing any damaged ceiling tiles. 

The project also includes patching a roof leak, installing an impact resistant glass window between the Administrative Assistant and the foyer, and erecting a dividing wall in the Animal Control room to create an area to shelter cats and an area for the Animal Control Officer within the secured part of the building.

On Wednesday, May 8th, the furniture and equipment in the building was removed and will be stored off-site until completion of the rehab.  The project is expected to be completed by June 6th and the PD will begin moving back into the building and getting back to business in their newly renovated facility.  The department expects to be fully operational by June 15th.