Car Burglaries & Bank Fraud

Posted by April Reiling on May 03, 2013
Tags: Community, Town News, TCPD, Public Safety

The Trophy Club Police Department is investigating car burglaries that are resulting in bank frauds. In these cases, the car burglars are targeting cars in and around the Trophy Club Dog Park and the Trophy Club Country Club parking lot and day care centers.  Unlike the more common property crime car burglaries where the criminals merely take electronics and other valuables from the vehicle, this new breed of car burglar has a more sinister motive in mind: Bank Fraud.

In numerous cases investigated by the police department, this new phenomenon is one in which the car burglar targets only those cars that have purses left on the front seat, in the floor boards or unattended in the passenger compartment of the car. Entry is commonly made by breaking the window and stealing the purse. Usually several car burglaries of this nature occur at the same location. Within days of the break-in, the unsuspecting victim learns that their bank accounts have been compromised.

Most of the car burglaries are believed to be connected to the “Felony Lane Group Gang”. This criminal faction has been in operation throughout the United States since 2004. A similar group, if not the “Felony Lane Gang” itself, is active in the North Texas area and has been since last summer. In Trophy Club, the offenders target vehicles parked at daycares, parks and golf courses — places where it is more likely the drivers will leave their purse or wallet in the car. Specifically, these thieves are looking for credit cards and checkbooks. They work during the day when banks are open.

It takes these thieves only seconds to break into your vehicle and disappear, taking your personal and financial information along for the ride. You are less likely to be a victim if you do not leave your purse or wallet in your car, even if you plan to return shortly.