Trophy Club Adopts Vision 2030 Plan

Posted by April Reiling on Apr 26, 2013
Tags: Community, Town News, Business, Economic Development

On Monday, April 8, 2013, the Trophy Club Town Council voted unanimously to adopt the Trophy Club Vision 2030 Plan; a roadmap that details a long-range strategic vision for the town. The Vision 2030 Plan will be used in conjunction with Town Council’s Strategy Map in order to help develop a unified, cohesive vision for Trophy Club over the next 20 years. The adopted plan established five guiding pillars, identified as priorities, for long-term planning and goals for the town.

Vision 2030 Five Guiding Pillars:

  • Premier Residential Community
  • Economic Development
  • Amenities
  • Excellence in Governance
  • Trophy Club’s Relationship with Other Government Agencies

The Town Council initiated the Vision 2030 planning process in spring 2012 and plan development required major citizen involvement from a diverse group of residents. Over the past year, the Vision Trophy Club Committee worked to develop a strategic outline for how Trophy Club should look in 20 years. On March 26, 2013, the Vision Committee voted unanimously to approve a recommendation to the Town Council to formally adopt the Trophy Club Vision 2030 Plan.

“Working with Trophy Club residents to develop the Vision 2030 Plan was one of my favorite projects with Trophy Club to date. The Vision Committee quickly agreed that Trophy Club is already an amazing place to live, we just needed a concentrated focus on issues that will help sustain the quality of life in the long run.”  - Town Manager Mike Slye