Trophy Club Website Receives a Makeover

Posted by April Reiling on Feb 13, 2013
Tags: Town News

Welcome to the new Town of Trophy Club website! Several new features have been added for a more enjoyable online experience, including the TC Exchange, a news portal that allows for public comment and article submissions from the community. The website also incorporates an attractive new layout and design, as well as added content to meet the needs of a variety of users. As with any website launch, the introductory period is vital to receiving feedback from users and allowing for tweaks and changes to the site, so please let us know what you think by emailing your suggestions to:

Trophy Club’s new web design keeps the classic ‘wave’ feature from the previous site while incorporating updated elements that are appropriate to today’s web design standards, such as centering the site to the user’s screen for a more attractive, balanced presentation. The website formatting is designed for a variety of devices, including mobile technology. Tabs at the top of the page provide easy navigation for users depending on the topic and a concentrated effort was made to expand on high-interest subjects, such as the quality schools in Trophy Club and beautification efforts in town. Another change in the new design is the use of dynamic content, with rotating graphics and a new calendaring system that provides convenient options for viewing, sharing and printing event details.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy the new online TC experience!