Trophy Club Off-Highway Vehicles

The Town of Trophy Club understands that the use of alternatives to traditional motor vehicles has been a long-standing practice by the community.  Effective August 2016, golf carts ARE NOT required to register with the Town of Trophy Club for “in town” operation.   The Town of Trophy Club does follow the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Golf Cart Regulations.

If a resident would like to drive their TxDMV approved off-highway vehicle into Roanoke, an inspection and sticker WILL BE required for your golf cart.  To acquire a sticker, please schedule an appointment with our Trophy Club Police Department at 682.237.2960. 

TxDMV Off-Highway Vehicles

Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts are regulated by state and federal laws. Registered, titled and insured NEVs may be legally driven at a maximum speed of 35 mph on public roads with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less unless a city or county ordinance prohibits their operation. The TxDMV does not title or register golf carts. Golf cart owners who received a title before the law changed on September 1, 2009, are not required to return their titles to the TxDMV. For Driver License requirements to operate any of these vehicles, contact your local law enforcement agency.


















Golf Carts

A vehicle is classified as a golf cart if it:

  • has no less than three wheels,
  • has a maximum speed of between 15-25 mph, and
  • is manufactured primarily for operation on golf courses.

TxDMV does not register or title golf carts.

Registration is not needed to operate your golf cart on a public road. State law allows for the use of golf carts with a slow-moving vehicle emblem in the following situations:

  • in master planned communities with a uniform set of restrictive covenants in place,
  • on public or private beaches,
  • during the daytime and no more than two miles from where the owner usually parks the golf cart and for transportation to or from a golf course, or
  • to cross intersections, including a road or street that has a posted speed limit of no more than 35 miles per hour.

A city can pass a local ordinance allowing for the use of golf carts on certain roads. The road must be within the boundaries of the city and have a speed limit of 35 mph or lower.

In these cases, per the Town ordinance, the golf cart must be insured and have the following minimum equipment:

  • Operational headlamps (2 required),
  • Operational tail lamps (2 required),
  • Side reflectors (2 front: amber in color and 2 rear: red in color),
  • Stop lamps (2 required),
  • Operational parking brake,
  • An exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle and either an exterior mirror mounted on the passenger’s side of the vehicle or an interior mirror (capable of a clear and unobstructed view of at least two hundred (200) feet to the rear), 
  • Horn (audible for a distance of two hundred (200) feet in compliance with the Texas Transportation Code, section 547.501, as amended), and
  • A windshield

The state, a county, or a city may prohibit golf cart operation on all or part of a public road in the interest of safety.