Neighborhood Watch

There are numerous benefits to participation in a Neighborhood Watch Program. No area is immune from crime but neighbors working together is one of the principle ways that a community can fight back.

First, form a small planning committee of neighbors to discuss needs, the level of interest, and possible problems. Decide on a date and place for a Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Next, contact the Trophy Club Police Department and ask that a Crime Prevention Officer come to your meeting to discuss the Neighborhood Watch and help assess you neighborhood’s problems and needs.

Finally, contact as many of your neighbors as possible and find out if they feel at risk of being victimized, if they have taken steps to protect their homes, if they would be willing to attend a meeting to organize a Neighborhood Watch group in your area. You may be surprised to learn how many of your neighbors will be willing to participate.

Neighborhood Watch is not designed to intervene during a criminal act. They do not approach or follow suspicious persons or vehicles. Neighborhood Watch participants observe and report suspicious activities and, if necessary, to be a good witness.

National Night Out Against Crime

Every year on the first Tuesday in October, neighborhoods through Trophy Club are invited to join forces with the Trophy Club Police Department and thousands of communities nationwide for the Annual National Night Out Against Crime.

The National Association of Town Watch, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, and the U.S. Department of Justice support the National Night Out in order to motivate citizens to become involved in the safety of their community.

You can participate by notifying your neighbors to turn on their outside lights from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, organizing a block party, and registering your block party with the Police Department.

By supporting the National Night Out, you can help strengthen law enforcement and community contact and cooperation. This partnership is critical to our crime prevention programs and we encourage everyone to participate.

Citizens Police Academy

The Trophy Club Police Department hosts the Citizens Police Academies (CPA) each year. The CPA teaches residents about the “real” world of Law Enforcement and how the TCPD operates in Trophy Club.  Classes run for 10 weeks and will not only educate residents but also dispel myths that many of our citizens hear around Town from friends and neighbors, as well as address the sensationalism seen on the television. Come learn what Community Policing is all about and how our style is different from other towns.

If there are questions that you have always wanted to ask, this is the place to come.  Learn how investigations are conducted and what actually goes on around Town.  Once your training is complete, you will be certified to join the Trophy Club Emergency Volunteer Association (TCEVA), a volunteer organization that helps the Police & Fire Departments with different activities.  If interested, further training is available to become a member of Citizens on Patrol (COP) group as well as the Citizen’s Emergency Response Team (CERT).

For questions or to sign up, call Officer Scott Voigt at 682.237.2968  or

A complete background check is required for all interested individuals.  Requirements to sign up are as follows:

  • you must be at least 18 years of age
  • a resident of Trophy Club or work in Trophy Club
  • and never have been convicted of a class B misdemeanor or greater.

Classes are scheduled one Thursday evening each month from 7:00 pm. until 9:00 pm., or until the last question is asked -whichever is later.  One class is on a Wednesday evening which will be held at the Denton County Detention facility. After the 10-week course, there will be a graduation ceremony. 

Citizens on Patrol

The Trophy Club Citizens on Patrol consists of volunteers who have completed the Citizen’s Police Academy as well as additional training to prepare them to drive a Town vehicle, observing and reporting on suspicious activity.

Our Citizens on Patrol have found major water leaks as well as suspicious persons. Their activities have resulted in several arrests and have increased the number of close patrols on homes in town.

The Citizens on Patrol are NOT police officers and do NOT act as if they were. They are unarmed observers serving as additional eyes and ears for the PD. Like the Neighborhood Watch participants, they are trained to observe and report, not to intervene in incidents.

As part of our Citizens Corps initiative, the Citizens on Patrol, called Volunteers in Police Service in some jurisdictions, also provide traffic direction for special events, transport police vehicles to repair shops, provide volunteer service in administrative capacities, and enhance the safety and security of our Town.

If you are interested in volunteering in this manner, you will need to first complete a Citizen’s Police Academy class. You can apply by submitting this on-line form or calling our Community Service Officer at 682.237.2968.

Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is also a volunteer group that is trained to respond to emergencies and assist the Police and Fire Departments in various ways. Our CERT has responded to flood events as well as providing valuable services during special events.

CERT training is a 24-hour course that encompasses light firefighting, first aid, and search and rescue. It is taught in-house but CERT training obtained from any certified instructor is accepted because the CERT curriculum is standardized throughout the nation.

In Trophy Club, CERT members are required to complete either a Citizen Police or Citizens Fire Academy prior to attending CERT training. Our CERT has been funded by the acquisition of two federal grants that have enabled us to provide personal protective equipment as well as the team equipment that is needed for a CERT to be viable.

If you are interested in participating in the training leading to an opportunity to volunteer in this manner you can submit this online form (CPA app.) or call our Community Service Officer at 682.237.2960. If you wish to participate by attending the Citizens Fire Academy, contact whatever is appropriate here.