Trophy Club Park Nature Preserve - A Hidden Gem

A nature preserve lies just beyond Trophy Club backyards; an oasis for everyone to enjoy! Nature trails wind through thriving vegetation, wildlife, flowers, creeks and ponds to form a self-sustaining ecosystem that flourishes throughout the year. Visitors who fall in love with Trophy Club Park inevitably become smitten with the parks greatest asset: Nature!

Trophy Club Park is a plant and wildlife paradise. A variety of animals appear in abundance, including white-tailed deer, turkey, rabbit, armadillo, coyote, bobcat, red-tailed hawks, vultures, great blue heron, white egrets, mallard ducks, road runners and several species of fish. One resident-observer noticed evidence of nutria, a small beaver-like rodent that had left its knaw marks on tree trunks; not to mention a friendly garden spider looking for its next meal. Wildflowers grow unchecked along creek banks and blanket fields throughout the preserve. Trekking through the habitat reveals a plethora of flowers, including Horsemint, Brown-eyed Susan, Indian Blankets, White Poppy, Showy Primrose, Firewheel, Wine Cup and many others. Numerous Pecan, Red Oak, Post Oak, Bois D’Arc, Cedar Elm, Hercules Club, Sycamore trees and several other species provide a protective home for all wildlife.


The nature preserve in Trophy Club Park begins just as you pass through the main gate. On the right is the pavilion and the trails begin there. Bring a picnic and camera, if you choose, and get ready to enjoy natural beauty just minutes from Trophy Club homes. Find a secluded white-sand beach on the lake, explore creek beds for fossils or just sit and listen to water rippling over rocks. Miles of pathways lead to hidden treasures and humbling beauty – go enjoy the adventure!