ABOUT the Trophy Wood District (PD 25) Project

Trophy Wood District is a 12+ acre suburban destination that will feature distinctive shopping/dining, overnight accommodations, a Town Hall/Police facility and public amenities. The district is currently home to Breadwinner’s/Quarter Bar, four exquisite hotels, a Baylor Medical Center, and professional office.

About HG Supply Company

Four regular guys wanted a spot to gather, tell big stories, enjoy a good drink and celebrate their victories. They wanted to create a place that served natural, wholesome foods defined not by trends or by labels, but by the truth. Living HG is not about living with restraint, but about living with the perfect amount. It’s about balance decided by you, not us. It’s about giving the world the ability to eat how and what they want. It’s about honest ingredients prepared with intent. It’s about prices that everyone can afford and portions that make sense. It’s about indulging because we deserve it.  Simple, clean food, classic drinks, and humble hospitality. It should be that simple.  MORE>>


Project Updates

The Town staff intends to provide updates on the happenings as much as it is available.  Please remember that the information provided is what is available to staff via their team and other third parties and it is subject to change.  Staff will strive to keep Trophy Club looking and functioning at its best while keeping its residents informed to the best of their abilities.
11/16/2018 — 1:45 PM
HG Sply, continues working and the building framing has been completed. Sub trades will now begin installation inside.

The sound-walls are near completion. Staff visited the site and examined the area between the walls and homes to assist in identifying grading issues that were reported to TxDot. All affected areas will be reworked.

11/09/2018 — 2:45 PM
HGSupply, finish out work inside the structure continues along with the construction of the metal structure to the west.
10/08/2018 — 8:00 AM
The project continues to work inside and go vertical with structures.  The adjacent parking lot to HgSupply nears completion. The paving will require an additional core sample, lights have been installed, striping and signage will have the project completed soon.
9/11/2018 — 7:00 PM
Progress continues with the exterior masonry, weather cooperating, while interior walls, electrical rough-in, plumbing top out, mechanical rough, and fire sprinkler rough go continuously due to building dry-in. The civil engineer is currently working with TxDOT to complete the storm drain tie-in on Trophy Wood Drive.
8/17/2018 — 4:00 PM
Rain events during the weekend and week slowed construction. Masons were on site to continue work on building exterior. Temporary parking lot adjacent to Restaurant venue project is set to commence on Monday, August 20, 2018.
8/14/2018 — 8:00 AM
The steel erection continues along with exterior preparation for masonry finish.  Town staff along with TNP representatives held the pre-construction meeting for the temporary parking lot adjacent to HG Supply, the estimated start date is August 20, 2018 with completion anticipated around October 15, 2018.

8/03/2018- 2:45 PM
Steel construction continues to go vertical this week while the wood frame structure is slowly becoming dryed-in.

7/30/2018 — 7:15 AM
Staff met with the contractor on Friday, July 27, 2018 to confirm placement of RTU’s. The screening device replacement for the construction fence is ongoing and is scheduled for completion next week. The construction trailer was relocated to its approved location.

7/06/2018 — 8:30 AM
HGSupply, PD-25, is currently in the framing stage and has been given approval for the structural steel compliance by CMJ, the 3rdparty inspection firm of record for the project.

6/29/2018 — 1:30 PM
The storm last week was a setback causing new framing to become dislodged from its place. After resetting, new walls are now being constructed and the site continues to take shape.  Progress is being made in regards to the parking lot adjacent to the site as well.

6/22/2018  6:30 PM
PD-25, HG Supply continues to go vertical with construction. Walls had to be re-set on Thursday, June 21, 2018, due to storm damage and high winds from Wednesday's event.

6/15/2018 — 3:30 PM
PD 25 going vertical with structural steel and will be making final fire lane pour (250 cubic yards) on Saturday, June 16, 2018, in the morning.
6/11/2018 — 8:00 AM
Updates coming soon


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