How do I Report a Violation?

Report violations to the Code Enforcement office at 682-237-2921 or report online. It is especially helpful to provide an exact description of the complaint (such as "junked vehicle parked in front yard") and the complete address of the property in which the violation occurred. If the complete address is unknown, please provide the block number and street name. Reports may be made anonymously using the online form.  Please note that information provided is subject to Public Information laws.

Notice of Violation

In almost all circumstances, our Inspector's first course of action is to educate the resident or property owner, because in many cases, the citizen is not aware that a code violation has occurred. A written or verbal notice, explaining what the violation is and why it needs to be corrected is given to the citizen. Up to 95% of our citizenry comply with Town ordinances after being notified about a violation. However, when an individual continues to violate a Town ordinance, a citation or ticket may be issued.

In the event that a written or verbal notice does not encourage the citizen to correct the violation, a citation may be issued to gain compliance. Citations are issued as a last resort and are easily avoided through responsible action.

Warning Notice

The Warning Notice serves as a written or verbal notice that explains exactly what the violation is and why it needs to be corrected. After a warning has been issued, code inspectors will give violators a reasonable amount of time to correct the violations. Inspectors routinely follow up to check the progress at the property where the violation exists. If, after ample time has been given to correct the violation, the violation still exists, the inspector may issue a citation in an attempt to gain compliance.

Violators will be given a verbal or written notice of the violation and a reasonable amount of time to bring the issue into compliance. Failure to comply may result in a citation.